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Close up of artist Jessie Pollock working with black oil stick on Vanishing Landscape series

Jessie Pollock’s journey winds down a long, creative, and rich road through decades of artistic innovation and inspiration. Join Jessie in the studio as she demonstrates some of the techniques she uses to create her Vanishing Landscape series using oil paint, cold wax, paper, dolls, and metal detritus.

Recent years have been full of “extreme nesting” for Jessie. Being at home meant being in the studio, creating her series, Petrichor, inspired by our changing climate, vanishing landscapes, and the mysterious energy of stones.

Hummingbird encaustic 48x36 inches by Jessie Pollock©2018 Corr Image

Jessie Pollock

“Jessie Pollock’s richly textured landscape paintings and luminous photo-based images are romantic, sensuous, and evocative. They suggest the passage of time and evoke nostalgia for times past. Intensely appealing for their tactile surfaces and radiant light, Pollock’s paintings transcend the reality of a specific time or place. Though modern in their materials and sensibility, these works send us back to a way of life now vanishing.”

Susan Strickler, Director of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH